Lanes of NZ produce Foot fleece which is a Natural New Zealand lamb Wool Fleece product to put in Trampers boots to stop blisters.

Client:  Lanes of NZ Ltd.

Project:  Packaging for ‘Foot fleece’ Natural lambs Wool Fleece for Trampers boots.

Format: Card labels that are folded and stapled to the top of a plastic bag containing the fleece product.

Brief: To create exclusive packaging which reflects Footfleece’s high-quality natural product.

Solution: A simple natural label design. Contrasting fonts were used for the product’s name a stencil stamp font was used for the word ‘foot’ and a curvey decorative font was used for the word ‘fleece’. Natural colours are used including brown and beige. A swirly line art pattern for the background reflecting the pattern of natural wool was created.