Jewellery Collections

Jewellery Collections is a New Zealand jewellery company that sold an exceptional range of quality cosmetic jewellery and accessories through their website and organised parties. Shine was asked to design a company brand, business stationery, a promotional brochure, gift vouchers, and website.

Project: Company Brand and Business Stationery Design.

Format: Business Cards, Letterhead, Compliment Slips, and Gift Voucher.

Brief: To create a professional brand and business stationery for Jewellery Collections.

Solution: The new upmarket brand is designed with a serif style modern font and a collection of star and heart icons. The icons are designed to be similar to the shapes found in the jewellery. The brand is versatile enough to be used in a wide variety of printed formats.

Project:  Promotional Brochure.

Format: DLE printed both sides.

Brief: To design a brochure advertising Jewellery Collections products website and parties.

Solution: A simple brochure that follows the same design style as the brand.

Project: Website.

Format: E-commerce Website.

Brief: To design a website advertising Jewellery Collections products and parties.

Solution: A simple e-commerce website that follows the same design style as the brand.