Wedding Stationery :: Cheryl & Ian

“Thank you, Sharon, for doing such a wonderful job. We both loved your photo of the Kite how and you beautifully incorporated it with the Pawa and Sunflowers”.

Clients: Cheryl & Ian

Project: Wedding Invitations, Sunflower Seed Instruction Tags and Thank You Postcards.

Brief: The client came to me with a wonderful concept, she wanted to give each of her wedding guests a small Maori flax Kite bag containing sunflower seeds. So they could plant the seeds and grow a sunflower in memory of the wedding. Maroon was requested as the wedding colours theme.

Solution: The invitation design used photos of the Maori flax Kite basket, Sunflowers and Pawa shell in swatch boxes. The wedding themes colour, maroon was added as a box incorporating a poem in beautiful typography.