Get Smart

Getsmart is a technology company specialising in market intelligence software. They are based in Wellington, New Zealand, a city known globally for its technical innovation, creativity and hospitality. Shine Design created the brand and applied it to the business stationery which consisted of business cards, letterhead, compliment slips and stickers, we also designed the website template.

Project: Brand and Business Stationery Design.

Format: Business Cards, Compliment Slips, Letterhead, and Stickers.

Brief: To create a fresh logo with a New Zealand ‘feel’ for the design to reflect the name of the company Getsmart.

Result: The ‘look and feel’ was created by using modern fonts colours. The neuron icon design represents intelligence.

Project: Business Stationery

Format: Business Cards, Compliment Slips, Letterhead and Stickers

The brands ‘look and feel’ was consistently applied to the business stationery.

“Thank you so much, we are pleased with the getsmart brand it’s unique and modern we think the neuron icon works well and works with the colour and font combination. We love the design of the website it not only looks great it is simple to navigate, we love the tabbing system.

Arlene Conway Owner Operator

Project: Website Design

The brands ‘look and feel’ was consistently applied to the website template, for ease of navigation created a curved tab menu was designed.