Jo Peden :: Embrace Yoga

Jo Peden is an experienced Iyengar teacher who teaches yoga classes in both a Wellington city-based studio and Island Bay. Her company is called Embrace Yoga. Jo required a company brand, business stationery (business cards and letterhead) and a website to be designed.

Project: Brand

Format: Business Cards.

Brief: To design a Brand, Business Cards and Letterhead.

Solution: The brand is simple it is designed with a simple san serif font with the contrasting modern colours dark magenta and teal. The card design is simple with a beautiful paisley and peony flower line art textured teal blue background used for both the front and back of the card.

Project: Website Design

Format: Company Profile Website.

Brief: A five-page profile style website containing a timetable. The layout needed to be simple and clean cut, easy to navigate and responsive so it looked good on all devices.

Solution: The ‘look and feel’ was created by an overall simplistic modern layout and navigation that was based on a responsive template. Embraces brand colours and fonts were used along with professional photography.

“I am really happy with the website the design it is nice and simple. I love the colours and the beautiful paisley and peony floral texture background. The website has really great rankings in Google, it ranks first on page one for the search Yoga in Island Bay. This has worked really well in getting new customers.

Jo Peden – Owner Operator