Harbour City Financial Services :: HCFS

Harbour City Financial Services (HSFC) is a Wellington-based financial company that works alongside AMP to provide professional financial services. The required a new company brand, business stationery and promotional material designed and printed.

Project: Brand and Promotional Material Design.

Format: Business cards, Compliment Slips, Letterhead, and DLE Company Promotional Profile.

I designed and illustrated the logo, brand ‘look & feel’ which was consistently applied to the business stationery and promotional material.

Project: Business Stationery

Format: Business Cards, Compliment Slips, and Letterhead.

The brands ‘look and feel’ was consistently applied to the business stationery.

“All of the management team are really happy with the new modern logo and brand, we love the combination of the navy blue and lime green. The brochures look very professional”

Graham Seabrook – Owner

Project: Company Profile Promotional Brochure.

Format: Full colour, DLE Brochure.

I designed the Evergreen natural Home Cleaning brochure with the same consistent colours, fonts and images as the company brand.